Chef Andrea

Founded by Owner and Head Chef Andrea Gussak, Sadie’s Sunrise cafe is all about a dream realized, a vision manifested, and a life far from over! Andrea got her start as a chef at her mother’s kosher catering business, Margery Gussak Catering, in 1997. There, she raised her two daughters, Hannah and Sage, to work alongside her, up until the business closed due to Nana Margery’s retirement in 2018.

Next, she went on to work as Executive Chef and General Manager at The Crown Market in West Hartford, a long-standing Jewish grocery store and neighborhood staple. It was at The Crown that she met her fellow manager and lifetime best friend, Jay Dollinger, who passed away unexpectedly in the Fall of 2022. It was from Jay that she adopted her third daughter and proud mascot of our cafe: Sadie the Great Dane.

At the age of 58, Andrea left The Crown to pursue her dreams of opening up her own cafe and breakfast place. And thus our story begins! The cafe is dedicated to her good friend Jay and the love he left for all of us. Through his belief in her, Andrea grew the strength and drive to start her third career and open up her own restaurant. Never give up, never lose faith, and always watch the sunrise!

Sadie the Great Dane!

Sadie is our lovely girl, favorite daughter, and tallest in the family! Sitting at 3’6″ tall, she can reach up and grab one of our famous egg sandwiches right off the counter – which is why she’s no longer allowed at the cafe! Sadie is 8 years old – an old lady in Great Dane years – and formerly belonged to her first dad, Jay. Lately, she’s found a new home with Andrea and her sister Nancy. She doesn’t mind too much – not so long as the food keeps coming